Section 5 Building Your Relationship With God - 20 Special Prayers

I'm grateful for a world that gave me you
And I really must give credit where credit is due:

I'm in debt to a city that put dreams within our reach
I can't forget to be thankful for the hillside and the beach
Bless the day that I met you, can't repay what I owe
And I know what I owe is long past overdue
But endless thanks...
Timeless thanks...
Special thanks to you.

To listen:

Question: When we pray three Glory Be at the end of the prayer, are we thanking you for the grace given in the prayer?

God’s answer:

(Thanking Me) In advance

Question: So, “Glory Be” is a prayer of thanks.

God’s answer:


A doxology is “a hymn or liturgical formula expressive of praise to God “1

“Among Christian traditions a doxology is typically an expression of praise sung to the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”2

“Glory Be" is known by it's Latin name "Gloria Patri" ("Glory to the Father")3


Gloria in Excelsis Deo, is known as the Greater Doxology and Gloria Patri “the Lesser Doxology”, or simply "the doxology".4

"Glory Be To The Father" encapsulates the essence of the Christian faith - that God is revealed in three persons - The Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each are to be equally worshipped and revered. The prayer also reveals God as eternal - He is before all things, is present in the 'here and now', and will always be.5

Question: What you are saying is that the three Glory Be’s should be said with the intention of sincerely thanking you in advance for the grace we are going to receive, as you have promised.

God’s answer:

In anticipation
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Question: But why the prayer Glory Be? I don’t see where we thank you in this prayer. It’s hard to relate.

God’s answer:

Glory Be

Question: God, what is the meaning of the phrase “Glory Be”?

God’s answer:

All honor, all praise and all thanksgiving
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