Section 1 Background - 02 The Way God Communicated With Me

How God Communicated With Me

When someone says: “God speaks to me”, it’s very easy to surmise that the person is crazy. As God said, having a two-way conversation with Him should be the norm and not the exception.

God's Statement:

Am I not your Father?
Does not a father speak to his child?

During the first seven years of my journey, God spoke to me purely through mental messages and occasionally through short visions. I mostly received them when I was in prayer.

After seven years, I started to do sculptures wherein He would relay His messages. I did this for over three years.

At first, the sculptures were very complicated and detailed, becoming simpler over time. Then, I stopped doing sculptures and was engaged in a rapid back and forth mental conversation with God.

Initially, God spoke to me as Jesus Christ. As I went along, He would give me His different biblical names (Yahweh, El, Elohim, Adonai, etc.). In other words, He spoke to me as God.


Question: Why are You talking to me as God (Old Testament God)?
To most people You only talk to them as Jesus Christ.

God's Answer:

God's crown (the meaning is explained in Chapter 3)
Our Father
I AM making a comeback.

Meaning: Although we pray to God the Father, we have forgotten who “God, The Father” is. The God, whom Jesus called The Father, is the God of the Jews, the Old Testament biblical God. He is the God who revealed Himself to Moses by the name YHWH (I Am the I AM).

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