Section 2 The Story Of Creation - 03 The Origin And Nature Of God

Section 2: The Story of Creation

The Origin and Nature of God

Is there a God? The proof of God’s existence resides in our heart. If we do not muse about whether there is a God or not, deep inside we know there is.

I believe that we are born with this sense of knowing that there is a God until the time our beliefs are shaped by our environment, our experience and thought process.

God’s Statements:

I AM the God of origin.
I AM the Alpha and the Omega. There is no other god who came before me and there can be no other god after me.
I AM the ONE God. There is no other.
I AM infinite. I know the infinity of joy and the infinity of sorrow.
I AM omnipotent.

Question: God, How did You come to be?

God's answer:

I breathed.

The capital letter I


Meaning: The statement “I breathed” means “I came to life", "I came to be". Breathing of any form is a requirement for anything to be considered as being alive. "I" is a word of recognizing one’s presence, that one is alive.

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