Section 3 Our Separation From God - 07 The Evolution Of Fallen Man And Fallen Angels

The Evolution of Fallen Man and Angels

Evolution versus creation theories have always been a source of contention between science and religion. I was more than willing to accept that man evolved from primates. It made much more sense in light of scientific discoveries.

In the last chapter, God discussed angel and man’s fall from grace and how they all ended up on planet earth. God made me curious. He wanted me to ask questions like:

How old is mankind?
Why do we look like we do now?
Where did all the people come from?
What happened to the fallen angels?
And so on and so forth…

Too often, we are blinded either by the light of our own scientific discoveries or our religious beliefs. What I have learned is that the truth can easily be known and understood if we ask God to reveal the truth instead of insisting that we can find the explanation to life’s mysteries on our own.

In this chapter, God answers questions relevant to our times; our questions about our physical origins, sexuality, and even questions regarding the existence of civilizations in other planets.


Question: Is Cain and Abel really the first born children of Adam and Eve after the fall?

God’s answer:

She bore her first fruit.

Meaning: Just as she ate of the tree of good and evil, so then did she become like the tree bearing good and evil fruits.

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