Section 3 Our Separation From God - 09 Supernatural Phenomenon

Supernatural Phenomenon

The general population only sees the world from a physical platform. This is not how it works. We live in a world where we co-exist with fallen angels even if we may be in two separate planes. We are also far more than just physical beings. We are eternal life forms in temporal bodies. Above all, there is God and His presence around us.

As we are becoming more aware and accepting of the existence of the supernatural, there is a heightened curiosity to understand, develop and harness “supernatural gifts”. There are faiths that link their concept of who and what God is and who and what we are to their understanding of the supernatural. We all have, to a certain degree, experiences that are out of the ordinary. At the end of this chapter, why this happens is explained.

We also live in an information age where information and misinformation can be easily transmitted. In light of today’s times, I then understand why God is explaining certain supernatural phenomenon as our lack of true knowledge hampers our ability to understand God and who and what we are.

As God said: We are getting sidetracked.

In this chapter, God explains numerous supernatural phenomenon. Hopefully, this will have the same effect on you as it did on me, which is to take away any curiosity and misconceptions I had about these matters.


1. Heightened sensitivity to the presence of ghosts and other entities

Question: Why it is that there are people who can see, hear and communicate with “ghosts”, elementals, demons and other beings?

God’s answer:

A dog

They can easily pick up on a strange scent.

Meaning: This is God’s simple explanation of what we term as the sixth sense or ESP. ESP will be discussed in the Chapter :Life after Death.

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