Section 3 Our Separation From God - 10 Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

What is Spiritual Warfare?

It is the battle between good and evil.

Why are we vulnerable to temptation?

We have a good side and a dark side to our personality. The dark side is what God refers to as the shadows of our soul. These are the qualities that we have inherited or learned. We are predisposed to think, feel, act and react in certain ways depending on these traits that we possess. What most people are unaware of are the unseen forces who try to influence us – the proverbial angel and demon on our shoulders. What is to be discussed here are those “unseen” forces that influence us on a constant basis.

What is discernment?

The ability to distinguish who moves you.

Evil spirits are very deceitful. As God says, they are the masters of deception. They are highly skilled in the art of temptation. The presence of these forces can be subtle or aggressive. They influence us by “pushing our emotional buttons” by thoughts or an experience. We often think that our reactions are natural “part of being human” and/or warranted. We think that our thoughts are from our own mind. For many, these influences are “subtle”. However, there are some who are influenced in a more aggressive way such as paranormal experiences, possessions and psychic attacks

The more you know God, the more you are able to discern the presence of God and the presence of those who are not of God. Even if you cannot see these unseen forces, you will learn to distinguish the difference.


The Good Guys

Question: Do we have a specific patron saint and angel assigned to us?

God’s answer:

Everyone has Godparents.

Meaning: We all have an angel and a patron saint.

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