Section 4 Understanding Salvation - 16 The Promises Of Salvation

The Promises of Salvation

When I first started doing sculptures, God gave me certain sculptures that were given in groups.

Question: Why did You give me these sculptures in groups (set)? Is this a sequence of events?

God’s answer:


Eat all you can!
This is a smorgasbord.

Question: God, all these promises in these sculpture groups… are these to take place here on earth or in Heaven?

God’s answer:

A Wonka Bar

You have gate pass to a world of My creation.

Meaning: The culmination of our Salvation is when we are reborn in Heaven as a child of God. This is when we receive the fullness of God – His self and His life.

The sculpture figure is in reference to the original 1971 movie of Willy Wonka and the song “Pure Imagination”. In this movie, there are five Wonka bars with golden tickets. Those who find a golden ticket are given the privilege of entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. If you don’t know the movie, please read or watch this to fully appreciate God’s message.

In the original version of this movie, when the children and their parents enter this fantasy chocolate factory, Willy Wonka sings the song “Pure Imagination”.

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