Section 5 Building Your Relationship With God - 17 The Holy Church And The Holy Sacraments
Section 5: Building Your Relationship with God

The Church and the Holy Sacraments

Question: What are the churches that You endorse, approve, consider as “Your church”.

God’s answer:


They are all under My roof.

Meaning: Ecumenical means "representing a number of different Christian Churches"1.


Question: You mean all churches that claim to be Christian.... How about those that are cults, are they part of this too?

God’s answer:

Catholic Ecumenical Councils
Members only

Meaning: “ Catholic Ecumenical Councils include 21 councils over a period of 1700 years. While definitions changed throughout history, in today's Roman Catholic understanding Ecumenical Councils are assemblies of Patriarchs, Cardinals, residing Bishops, Abbots, male heads of religious orders and other juridical persons, nominated by the Pope. They meet to discuss matters of faith and Church discipline. Council decisions, to be valid, are approved by the popes. Participation is limited to these persons, who cannot delegate their voting rights.”2

In Chapter 22, God explains the reason why the Catholic Church is the primary church.

Question: There are so many Christian faiths. To each, You manifest Your presence. Why do You do this? Doesn’t this create separation amongst Your church?

God’s Explanation:

What’s important is that people believe in Him, Jesus Christ, as their savior. This is what matters. As for the rest of the details, He attends to this later.

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