Section 5 Building Your Relationship With God - 18 Clarification Of Bilblical Stories

Clarification of Biblical Stories

Most of our knowledge about God comes from third-party sources, be this oral or written. There is no one more written about, analyzed and talked about than God.

Whether we fully accept the information that we have been fed or not, they sink deep into our minds and hamper our relationship with God.

Question: God, what is the best way to know you?

God’s answer:

To know Me is to experience Me.
To experience Me is to know Me.

As God revealed His true nature to me, I was often blocked because of certain biblical stories and teachings that have been ingrained in me, especially the stories in the Old Testament.

The stories in the bible coupled with my association of the bible with “bible thumpers” and “conservatism”, gave me what I refer to as “a bible allergy”, this is God’s reply to my issue:

God’s statement on how we should view/treat the bible:

Think of the thousands of people who died to bring this book (the bible) to you.
It is a sacred book that you should view as sacred.

God’s Statement about the Holy Bible

The bible is a book about Me but it is not Me.

Meaning: one should not treat the bible as if the bible itself is God. God is more than the bible.

Question: God, what is your advice to anyone who reads the bible?

God’s answer:

Read between the lines.


  1. Don’t translate everything literally.

  2. Consider your knowledge of God as a filter of truth

  3. Take into account man’s motivation in what you read

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