Section 5 Building Your Relationship With God - 19 On Praying


Everything begins and ends with our relationship with God. The state of our well-being has nothing to do with the circumstances of our life but everything to do with our relationship with God.

God’s statement on praying:

Why do I want you to pray?
I want us to be close.

Mother Mary’s statement on praying:

Pray… for all is answered in prayer.

Question: God, what kind of relationship do we have?

God’s answer:

a loving relationship

This is the kind of relationship each of us should have with God for it is the kind of relationship God desires to have with each and every one of us. The way to build this relationship is through prayer.

Question: God, what connects us to You?

God’s answer:

your faith

Question: What is Prayer?

God’s answer:

Bowl of soup
with a heart in it.

Prayer is a heartwarming experience.

Like the two hands -
It is when you and I are one.

We tend to have a narrow definition of prayer. Praying is not an act. Praying is our private life with God.

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