Section 5 Building Your Relationship With God - 20 Special Prayers

Special Prayers

These are prayers that God gave me in response to my requests. Many of these prayers are discussed in various chapters.

  1. Special Prayers

    1. Daily Prayer for God’s Blessing

    2. Prayer of the Faithful

    3. Prayer when visiting the Blessed Sacrament

    4. Purification Prayer

    5. Prayer for Provision

    6. Prayer for God’s will to be done

    7. Prayer to always keep in faith

    8. Prayer for the Needy

    9. Prayer for the conversion of others

    10. Prayer for the sick

    11. Distance Healing Prayer

    12. Prayer for the Healer

    13. Prayer to the Holy Child Jesus (Santo Nino)

    14. Consolation Prayer

    15. Prayer for Immunity

    16. Prayer for you and your soul-mate

    17. Prayer to forgive those you cannot forgive

    18. Prayer for deliverance (for the persecuted)

  2. Spiritual Warfare Prayers

    1. Prayer for Perpetual Protection

    2. Prayer for Blessing Places (Fallen Angels)

    3. Prayer for Blessing Places ( the Deceased)

    4. Closing Prayer

    5. Cleansing Prayer

    6. Emergency Exorcism Prayer

    7. Prayer to know who your patron saint and archangel

    8. Prayer to Invoke the Power of God

  3. Prayers for sculpture recipients
    In this section, you can receive your own personalized sculpture from God.

At the end of this Chapter is the text common Catholic prayers:


At the end of each prayer, God asks us to pray 3 Glory Be. Here is my discussion with God about this.

Question: Why do we have to pray three Glory Be? Is it one for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit?

God’s answer:

Special Mention
You thank Me separately

Question: Confirm this answer please.

God’s answer:

One by one

Then gives the song: Special Thanks by Rupert Holmes. Note how the song makes a special mention of everyone and everything who was involved.

Here are the lyrics:

I never get the chance to thank the world, it seems
For letting you and I live out our wildest dreams.
We'll all turn into pumpkins one fine day—
So before the chimes of midnight, I would just like to say

Special thanks to the waiter for the table with a view
Of ocean waves and the sunset, as my eyes sank into you.
Special thanks to the waiter, all my best to the sun...
Special thanks everyone.

Kind regards to the vendor selling pretzels in the park
While copper leaves spun around us, and the dusk became dark.
Kind regards to the pretzels, all my best to that fall,
And special thanks one and all.

If love is like a play, I think it's time at last
For us to praise our lights and sound and all-star cast.

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